Item No.SC029 Natural Shaping Tinted Eyebrow Cream
Color:4 Shades
Product Specification12pcs/Box, 432pcs/CTN
MOQ of OEM:10000pcs with 4 colors
Feature:Three-dimensional contour, long-lasting thick, soft color, plump and rich, long-lasting non-smudged, waterproof and sweat-proof, easy coloring, long-lasting non-shedding, fine strokes, perfect modification, three-dimensional eyebrows, natural filling, easy to control, delicate and gentle, High chroma, delicate and smooth, precise outline, natural and long-lasting, not easy to remove makeup, not irritating to eyes, deep and natural, long-lasting shaping, plump and three-dimensional, creating three-dimensional eyebrow makeup, suitable for various occasions, easy to apply, long-lasting color, silky texture, fine and dynamic, natural eyebrow shape, three-dimensional shape, precise tip,low-key and natural, exquisite packaging, charming color, bright luster, natural transition, precise filling, eyebrow modification
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< НАЗАД: SC047 3 In 1 Multi- Founction Eyebrow Pen


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