Item No.SC038 Matt Finish Long Lasting Liquid Foundation
Color:3 Shades
Product Specification12pcs/Box, 96pcs/CTN
MOQ of OEM: 10000pcs
Feature:Natural concealer, long-lasting makeup, breathable and light, delicate texture, moisturizing and smooth, moist and non-greasy, brightens skin tone, covers blemishes, long-lasting luster, adjusts skin tone, soft texture, does not clog pores, waterproof and antifouling, repairing skin, natural transparency, long-term brightening, improving skin texture, preventing pigmentation, non-irritating, repairing pores, improving skin elasticity, refreshing oil control, invisible concealer, delicate skin, Even skin tone, clear mist, brighten skin tone,
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< НАЗАД: SC039 Delicate Silky Finishing Setting Spray


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