Item No.SC054 Moisturizing Cushion Foundation Cream
Color:2 Shades
Product Specification12pcs/Box, 144pcs/CTN
MOQ of OEM: 6000pcs
Feature:Natural concealer, long-lasting makeup, breathable and light, delicate texture, long-lasting moisturizing, moisturizing and smooth, moist and non-greasy, brightens skin tone, covers blemishes, long-lasting luster, adjusts skin tone, soft texture, does not clog pores, waterproof and antifouling, lifting and firming, repairing skin, natural transparency, long-term brightening, improving skin texture, preventing pigmentation, non-irritating, repairing pores, improving skin elasticity, refreshing oil control, invisible concealer, delicate skin, Even skin tone, clear mist, maintain makeup throughout the day, enhance skin luster, long-lasting concealer, brighten skin tone, adjust skin tone, prevent makeup loss, maintain long-lasting makeup, contouring and shaping, calming and soothing, comfortable texture, modifying pores, firming skin, even and delicate, no acne, fit naturally, enhance skin elasticity, prevent pigmentation and dry lines, prevent external pollution, moisturize and lock water, sponge puff, air cushion foundation, essence foundation Cream, firming essence, refreshing texture, long-lasting moisture, suitable for sensitive skin, long-lasting makeup, moisturizing, strong concealer, brightening pores, invisible pores
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Item No.SC055 Oil Control Matte Finish Setting Powder
Color:3 Shades
Product Specification12pcs/Box, 144pcs/CTN
MOQ of OEM: 6000pcs
Feature:long-lasting, concealer, skin brightening, refreshing, breathable, oil control, natural, thin, delicate, modified, matte finish, suitable for all skin types, long-lasting lock makeup, brightens the complexion, fine powder, natural and light, enhances makeup, moisturizes and does not leave powder, waterproof and sweatproof, and provides long-lasting radiant makeup, Elegant packing, high quality, good quality Setting powder
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